Sunday, 8 September 2013

An Arty Appearance

Hey guys!

To start with ... How long has it been since I looked back and cringed at my previous ramblings? 9 months to be exact!


Anywho, today's post is totally not beauty related but I'd liked to share something I've been working on for a while now. So, here it is. 

A link to my cutesy little Etsy shop. I sell my own paintings (all original designs, made by me) and I absolutely love making them! I'd love if you could have a look!

I will be back with a new post soon!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sunday Style Outfit Wishlist

Here's a little outfit that I would love, love, love to wear on a night out... Once my Christmas belly disappears!

With a decent belly this would look absolutely gorgeous. I think it would show just enough skin with a high waisted skirt, without looking too fleshy!

Love the colour and detail of this, it's simple, yet would add enough colour with the crop top! Absolutely gorgeous. I've had a skirt in this style on my list for such a long time but never gotten round to buying one!

I would pair this outfit with some standard black heels, every girl needs a pair of these in their lives! So easy to walk in, so stunning and simple and adds a little bit extra to those legs! 

I would probably have my hair up with the outfit so these beautiful little earrings would add an extra touch!

And finally a gorgeous red nail varnish. This one in particular caught my eye because of the small gold shimmers, I think it would totally finish off this look - All ready for a night out!!

If only I had the money!! 

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and Happy New Year! Looking forward to 2013.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Motel Madness 50% off?!?

Hey guys! 

I know it's been absolutely ages since I posted, but I thought I'd share this amazing offer with you ...
Motel Rocks is offering 50% off to their street team members and our lovely readers!

Take a look at some of the goodies they have! I'm definitely going to be having a splurge before Christmas

Hope you're all well and getting into the Christmas spirit!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Saturday Spending

I, like many other girls, have always had a limited budget, especially since starting university. But, being the first week of lectures I felt I had earnt myself a treat... or two. 

I bought a gorgeous black peplum dress from TKMaxx for just £12.99 and wore it out last night - it is super super flattering, is just the right length and looks great with a pair of simple black heels. 

But, my main purchase yesterday were these bad boys.

I have needed a pair of flat boots for a while now, I have a pair of heeled chelsea boots from ebay but they are a bit impractical especially seeing as I have to run for the bus at least twice a day. It took me a while to find these beauties - since I don't usually shop in Topshop, but once I'd spotted them I couldn't help myself! 

Cannot wait for them to turn up!

What shoes have you not stopped wearing this month?

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

OOTD - Floral Wednesday

Necklace - Accessorize 
Top - Matalan
Skirt - H&M

Yet another OOTD for you guys. 
I have moved back up to uni and it literally has not stopped raining since I got here - 5 days ago!! So, I decided to put on a floral skirt with some tights and a flower necklace to add some sunny and happy vibes to such a miserable day!

I'm loving being back at uni but unfortunately it means I'm poor yet again - so expect to see some DIY posts soon! 

Saturday, 29 September 2012

OOTD - Saturday Student

Dress - TK Maxx
Jumper - Primark
Lipstick - Revlon in 'Coral'

This is a little number I wore before I moved back to uni. It's not something I would usually team together and I'm not gonna lie, I felt like I looked like a bit of a clown - BUT I kinda like it.

What do you think? 

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!