Monday, 20 August 2012

Home again

I'm back! My holiday was amazing. We stayed in Kasteliades' Chateau de Lans which is in a little village in France called Lans (obviously), which is about an hour and a half from Lyon. The chateau we stayed in was beautiful, I can't describe it in words so I'll just show you a few pictures - I hope they capture how gorgeous it was there! 

Yes, the whole chateau was ours for 2 weeks, it has 8 bedrooms which are all unique and beautiful. If it could design a house it would be like this!

Kat xx

Friday, 3 August 2012

First date fail, apologies and goodbyes

Hey guys, 

So, my last post was about a date I went on with my supervisor. Well, I got the dreaded 'let's be friends' text last night which was so unexpected and pretty upsetting. So what did I do?
1. Ate a LOT of chocolate.
2. Ate a tub of ben and jerries.
3. Had a bottle of wine.
4. Watched sad films until I fell asleep.
Very typical girl therapy but I'm still a bit down in the dumps. Although, it probably happened that way for a reason so I'm trying not to dwell on it! 

Moving swiftly on (before I get too depressed about my love life). I want to apologise for being really rubbish with blogging lately, I know, I suck. Life takes over sometimes. BUT I will be back into the swing of things when I return from holiday, honest I will this time.

YAY I'm going on holiday. My first holiday in 4 years, yippeeeeee. I am going to France for two lovely long weeks and taking a well deserved break. 

I'll be back in 2 weeks with a post ready!

Love you guys and thanks for sticking with me
Kat xx