Saturday, 14 April 2012

New purchase

I had a little 'window' shop with my mum a couple of days ago... so obviously that means I bought a few new bits - including a foundation. So maybe I own about 10 foundations at the moment... my problem is that I don't want them to run out so I rush to the shops to buy a new one. My new purchase is Bourjois' 123 Perfect foundation
It claims that it contains:
1. Yellow pigments to cover dark circles
2. Mauve pigments to fix a dull complexion
3. Green pigments to cover redness

After reading these 3 selling points I thought it could be the foundation I've always wanted. At £10.99, however, I did think it was  a little bit pricey but still bought it anyway because I'm one of those girls that doesn't want to regret missing out on a great buy. I have only used it for two days but I can safely tell you it's not great. The last foundation I used, Rimmel's wake me up foundation, I found to be too shimmery, glittery and made my skin look super oily and shiny even though I suffer from dry skin. Well, this Bourjois foundation proved to be the complete opposite, it highlights my dry patches, makes me look super cakey and gives me a really flat look. So, the genius that I am, I decided to mix the two together. And oh my goodness, I couldn't be happier. The shimmer in the Rimmel foundation help give me a slight glow whilst the matte finish from the Bourjois foundation makes it last on my skin so much better.

But, like I said, I have only used this combination for a couple of days so I will keep you updated and do a post including some photos of it on.

What is your favourite foundation?

Kat xx


  1. That combo sounds great! I hate foundation shopping, I've never had one that I really really like, so every time I run out I'm always trying a new one. I've just bought the new revlon photoready foundation. I find that whilst it gives really good coverage, and blends really nicely, it isn't great when my skins particularly dry - even after a layer of moisturiser and a layer of primer, annoying!

    1. So do I, the two hardest things to shop for are foundations and jeans! I found that too with the photoready, it also has shimmer in it like the rimmel wake me up foundation which looks a bit strange in certain lights x