Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Dreaming of a sunny holiday

Here is my current shopping list for this years summer holiday to France. Yes I may be eager as it is only March, and yes it is only France, but I cannot wait to get away from the UK for 2 weeks! I haven't been able to go abroad for 5 years now so I am as pale as a sheet and dying for a break.

Topshop burgundy maxi front split skirt - £40
ASOS white dress with frilled skirt - £25.99
Zara pink long skirt with pockets - £9.99
ASOS culottes in tribal print - £15.99
ASOS woven t-shirt with jungle mirror print - £30
ASOS ash cindy bis high woven heeled sandal - £159 

There's nothing particularly 'out there' in my selection, I like to stay feminine and pretty during the summer. However, I have tried to pick some patterns and colours that I wouldn't usually pick to spice it up a bit.

Ok, so maybe I'll find some alternative sandals... I did screech a little bit when I saw the price tag! What's the most you would pay for a pair of sandals?

Kat xx


  1. so many lovely items. :) but i love especially the white dress.
    i would spend not more than 80 pounds. Except the pair of shoes is made by a designer and they're a basic and timeless shoe. :)
    really nice blog you have here, dear :))



  2. Thank you :) Yeah I think a cute little white dress is going to be a staple for the summer time, although I tend to steer clear of white because of the dreaded clumsy food stains! xx

  3. I really love the white dress :) might have to go and look it up on ASOS now!

  4. Gorgeous choices. I really love the burgundy skirt and the pink one too =]