Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Those bad days

Today was not great. I woke up feeling awful, looked in the mirror and my skin was gross and my glands were poking out of my neck like they wanted to shout ‘hey look at me, I’m here!!’. So, a trip to the doctors was in order. My last trip to the doctors was due to an on-going dizziness for 3 days in a row, which to me is kind of worrying. Her response was ‘well from my experience, students who live the distance that you do from home means that they don’t have their parents around to tell them that they’re being pathetic’and she sent me off with some anti-sickness tablets… Now I found that a bit insulting. So, yes, I asked for a new one.

And the verdict from the new doctor is… I have a virus. 

I’m grateful to have doctors on my university campus and everything but seriously, they are useless. I waited for 15 minutes and was in there with the doctor for literally 2 minutes. She shined a light at the back of my throat and just said oh yeah it’s a virus and told me to be on my way. She didn’t even tell me what would help/make it worse. I may be being over dramatic, but it would be fine if I had someone at home to tell me what to do - but due to living with 11 other university students I'm guessing alcohol (this time) will not be the cure.

I did, however mention my skin which I’ve never brought up at a doctors before. So she super quickly prescribed me a cream which I will write about once I’ve used it for a few weeks.

Rant over about doctors. One product that has made a difference to my skin in the last week are these...

Cetaphil products, i.e. the cleanser and moisturiser, are amazing. I use the cleanser once in the morning and twice at night to remove any makeup or dirt on my face, I then use the moisturiser to sort out my dry skin and it works wonders as a makeup base.  The moisturiser manages to get rid of redness over night.

Anyways, I hope everyone is feeling better than I am today… back to bed I go!

Kat xx

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