Sunday, 18 March 2012

The morning after the night before

So, with all of the antics of last night turning into huge gossip, I am still recovering from the stupid amount of alcohol I consumed last night. After having an extremely lazy day in pjs and watching films, I have decided to make myself feel a bit better by making myself look at least presentable to venture outside of the house and go buy me some food.

Foundation is something I struggle with all the time. My goal is to find the perfect foundation for me and it is proving to be difficult.
So, my skin... My skin is ridiculously sensitive, I mean like anything can set it off. I had a horrendous problem with my skin last year, I used bourjois healthy mix foundation everyday for months then one day my skin decided to reject it and I ended up at the doctors surgery with a giant forehead... It may sound funny, and yes I did laugh whilst typing this, but it was the worst time I've had with my face and I need something to control its unruliness.

Although Rimmel's wake me up foundation is not the perfect one for me, I slapped a tiny amount on this morning with my Vichy dermablend foundation as concealer and it has brightened my dull complexion so I no longer look like a complete zombie, so it definitely deserves some brownie points!
After trying out Revlon's photoready foundation and hating the shimmery particles, this was a bit of a 'I have money, so I'm going to buy it' purchase. It hasn't yet set my skin off, but that's simply because I only use it on the odd occassion if I feel like I seriously need some colour put back into my skin. I don't use it much simply because of the scent of it, don't get me wrong the scent is lovely and everything, but with sensitive skin it is not the greatest idea.

I've never bought a high end foundation purely because I can't justify, especially whilst being a student, spending £30 on a foundation that might just turn me into a puffy faced mess. I have been considering buying Clinique's superbalanced foundation though, as I do have acne prone, combination skin so I need something to calm it down slightly. But, as I say every year, I am going to gradually try and decrease the amount of product I use on my face then maybe I can gradually persuade myself that I don't look that bad without make up on. Makeup has seriously ruined my skin and it has got to the point where I cannot even leave my university bedroom to get some food without putting a bit of foundation on encase I happen to bump into one of my eleven housemates. Not good! Vanity is bad, I know, but it consumes most of our lives and it definitely consumes a considerable amount of mine too!

Kat xx

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