Saturday, 17 March 2012

Products that remind you of home

As a university student, living 250 miles from home, it is the small and precious things that remind me of my family.
Perfumes are my one of my favourite posessions as they can say so much about a person, not always good things though! The one (heavenly - hence the picture) scent that reminds me of my mum is this beautiful Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume. As you can see there is the tiniest (discoloured, yum!) amount left in the bottom of the bottle and before you ask... No I have not used this whole thing. My mum kindly gave me the last of hers as she was bought a new bottle of it (costing £80 can I just add!). Although this fragrance is nothing I would choose to wear myself, as a girl often opting to put on a spray or two of D&G's 3, it is something that I keep close to hand when I'm having one of the down days to remind me that home isn't actually that far away.

So, my first blog and already you know I have discoloured perfume bottles sitting around my university bedroom, I wonder what the next secret will be. 
I am planning on doing daily blogs including my current favourites products, my healthy eating and exercise regime and maybe a few book reviews (as an English Literature student I have realised that I should have read so many more classics than I actually have!).

Kat x x   

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