Friday, 4 May 2012

Fancy Friday

Finding it hard to concentrate? Revision bogging you down? Time to put on some lippy and make yourself feel 100% better!

I must admit it is a temporary cure but why not? Friday, for me, is not the day to let my hair down but I decided to dress up that simple 'work' outfit with a vibrant red lip.

This is the first lipstick I ever bought, all those years ago - well, not the exact same one because that would be pretty disgusting. But it is a brand that everybody tends to push aside and ignore. It's in pretty much every boots store, it's cheap, cheerful, and has some hidden gems. Who? Natural Collection of course! I'm pretty sure that none of their make up products are over £5 (correct me if I'm wrong), this obviously shows in the poor quality and cheap looking packaging but I think the actual product does itself justice.

This 'Moisture Shine' lipstick in the shade 'Cherry Red' amazes me. £1.99 worth of product and it stays for hours, wears off nicely and is super pigmented. A girl couldn't possibly go wrong by grabbing this from the stand. 

Unlike many red lipsticks I've tried this isn't drying at all, in fact it's surprisingly moisturising and soft. I don't personally suffer from chapped or dry lips but I didn't use any base underneath, I just quickly smothered it on straight from the tube, et voila! One thing I do have to say is the 'shine' lasts for a short period of time, after about 5 minutes I would say it is more of a matte finish.

It's not to everyone's taste as I experienced earlier, one of my lovely male housemates reaction was 'WOAH, your lips are covered in blood' ... yes he is 23... yes he is childish... and yes his humour doesn't deserve a laugh but I just had to, it's something my 7 year old cousin would say!

Anyway cue posed and edited photo ...


What's your favourite lipstick at the moment?

Hope you're all having a nice day
Kat xx


  1. Natural Collection is amazing, some of the stuff it a bit hit or miss but it's all 3 for £5 or £1.99 each.
    I had a day like this this morning, pop on some bright lippy and nail polish, makes everything a bit better :)

    Clo xox

    1. Yeah I find some of the lipsticks to be really poor quality and have a gritty texture but there are some absolute gems. Lipstick always makes things better! xx

  2. super super fashion!

  3. I love your blog!!
    Have a nice weekend!!

  4. Lovely colour
    Looks lovely on you xx

    1. It's a bit more vibrant than I'd normally wear but thanks, it's nice to wear something different xx

  5. I nominated you for 2 awards!
    go see
    hannah x

  6. lovely colours, i love red lipstick especially being a brunette they're so complimentary!
    my favourite would have to be a revlon matte lipstick, they aren't too pricey and have a great colour range :)
    love your blog, a great read :)


    1. Thank you :) I have days where I love vibrant lips and others where I'd rather not bother, I suppose makeup always reflects a girls mood though.
      Yeah I love revlon lipsticks! Thank you I'm glad you enjoy reading it :) xx

  7. you can never go wrong with a red lipstick -- and it looks lovely on you!
    i guess tangerine is supposed to be the biggest color this year. i've been meaning to try some sort of matte tangerine lipstick for awhile now.
    hah -- i noticed you're an english lit major as well! i'm studying english, and i wish i could say american literature or something, because that's always been my forte. i always love running into other english majors.
    well anyway, i really like your blog! hope to hear from you soon :)


    1. Thank you, the only thing that I worry about with such a bright lip is the way that it wears off... so you always need a mirror in your purse just in case :)
      Yess, I'm on the hunt for an orangey toned lipstick, there's one in topshop I've been eyeing up called 'infrared' and there's also one in the Mac Hey Sailor collection called 'sail la vie' (I think). They both look nice.

      Aww that's cool! I'm only in my first year so they've crammed all the different genres and eras into 25 weeks but at the moment I absolutely love feminist writings :)

      Thanks sweety xx

  8. Red red red ^^
    Nice post!

    Take care :)