Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Small online clothing haul

During this exam period I've ended up doing a lot of online shopping (eek). I had a look at Bank's website because I needed new shoes and my housemate recommended their website. I've never ordered from there before so was slightly dubious but fell in love with a few of their sale items.

So first things first, the parcel didn't turn up on time... The delivery company stated that they tried to deliver twice but no one was there to sign for the parcel - considering I live at university and there is a porter present to sign for all deliveries 24/7 I found it ridiculous but it did get here in the end! 

Second bad note, the packaging was pretty horrendous. I was expecting something a little better wrapped.

But maybe that's just me being super picky?

Onto the clothing! 

One more packaging moan, the shoes were not in a box but tied together by an elastic band. Should I overlook that too?

Here they are!

They were £6! £6! I absolutely love them, they are so comfortable and something a little bit different from my current shoe collection.

Next I bought some palazzo trousers. I'm still on the hunt for my perfect maxi skirt but I thought these would be great on holiday because they're nice a lightweight.

But there is a slight issue... they are way too long! They are the perfect fit around the waist (size 12) but the length is verging on ridiculous. So I'm going to try and take the bottoms up a bit! These were £8 in the sale so yet another absolute bargain.

And finally I picked up a Barry M nail polish in 'peach melba', a replacement because my old one went really thick and gloopy (yuck)

So overall I'm impressed with my shoes and trousers (although the trousers don't fit) and I'd love to pick up some more bargains from their website - it is definitely worth checking out. But, I'm unsure whether I'd purchase from them again purely because of the delivery issues! 

Have you ever had any mishaps with delivery service?

Also, I received my first ever Glossybox today - their 1st birthday box! (Review to come)

Kat xx


  1. I agree...I'd be a little hesitant too after seeing their packaging. Nice packaging really does make a difference and adds to the whole purchase. You got some great stuff though, so maybe I'd give them another chance if I were you? :) perhaps you could give them some feedback via their website?

    1. I totally agree with that, it adds to the whole excitement of receiving items from online retailers. Yes I have already done so :) They definitely have some good priced items so I'd recommend checking them out xx

    2. I'll definitely check them out, although I hope they ship to the states! :)

  2. love the peach melba colour!xx

    1. Same, it's a nice colour for Spring/Summer xx

  3. I really like the trousers, they are so cute, but i'm only 5ft so they probably wouldn't fit me either. Maybe they will shrink a little bit in the wash.

    1. Thank you! They are something a bit different to what I'd usually wear. Yeah, I hope so.. I'll probably do a post on how I make them shorter :) xx