Saturday, 21 July 2012

First Date Outfit and Make-up

I - amazingly - got asked out on a date by my supervisor at work when I returned home from university. First dates are always a nightmare - nerves kick in concerning what outfit to wear, what make-up look to go for and how to generally act. They always seem to be such a big deal because you want to make a good impression - even if you know them already! And the supervisor status just added to the stress.

Thankfully it went extremely well. He took me to a little restaurant in his town which was super friendly and had that 'community' spirit which I absolutely loved. The atmosphere helped put us both at ease and the date could not have gone any better, which was a huge relief and it has made me a very happy girl indeed!

I went for a very simple outfit. I paired a plain t-shirt with a striped cardigan and some skinny jeans and jazzed it up a little bit with a silver collar necklace from H&M and my heeled Chelsea boots from Ebay. As one of my friends said, 'you don't want to give all your goods at once'. So I kept it plain and simple yet classy enough to make me feel good about myself and more to the point confident!  

I kept the make-up simple too - I think a huge amount of makeup can potentially scare a guy away. So, I applied a base of 17's BB cream in medium with a touch of Rimmel's Wake Me Up concealer to conceal any little blemishes. Maxfactor's cream blusher in 'soft pink' added a subtle hint of colour to the cheeks without making me look like I was caked in product. I curled my upper lashes and used a coat Yves Rocher mascara in Black (from a previous Glossybox). I didn't apply this on the bottom lashes because it transfers quite easily! 

To finish the makeup off I used a little bit of the rose tinted vaseline on my lips, and that was it. It was a very natural, dewy, Spring makeup. And that's that. There is another date to come, so I will be sure to show you guys how I dress then.

Hope you guys are all well.
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Kat xx


  1. Glad your date went well :)
    I love how you hd very subtle Make up :)

    1. Thanks! So am I! haha. I think subtle make-up is always best for a first date, especially since he's seen me at work with very little make-up on - so if I piled it on he'd probably freak out xx

  2. Love the necklace in your pic... cute outfit x

    1. Thank you! I've been searching for a collar necklace for a while. It's only £3.99 from H&M which is a bargain! xx

  3. Aw :) So glad your date went well! They can be a tad scary sometimes! I love your boots! they are lovely. I might have to track some down for myself!
    You have a really great blog and i cant wait to see more.

    1. Thanks sweety. It was definitely scary, especially since I had to drive for an hour and had no idea where I was going.

      The boots are from Ebay, here's where i bought mine from!